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Procedure for becoming subject to supervision by OSFIN


1. Download the OSFIN examination agreement and send two original signed copies to OSFIN ;

2. Fill in the application for authorisation on the FINMA EHP platform (including annexes) ;

You can find here the “open” FINMA authorisation form, which contains a detailed list of the necessary annexes.

3. Allow access by OSFIN on the FINMA platform ;

4. OSFIN examines the conditions for subjection to the supervisory organisation and carries out a pre-examination of the conditions for FINMA authorisation on the basis of the documents uploaded to the EHP platform ;

5. OSFIN vous adresse une confirmation du respect des conditions d’assujettissement à l’OS et un contrat de surveillance à retourner ;

6. File the application for authorisation with FINMA through the EHP platform ;

7. OSFIN submits its pre-examination to FINMA ;

8. If the conditions are met, you will receive authorisation from FINMA; supervision by OSFIN starts from this time.



OSFIN fees are fixed and are set out in detail in the regulations available here.

Supervisory fees

Supervisory fees are comprised of two ordinary levies, namely a fixed basic levy and a service levy.

The amount of the fixed basic levy is set depending upon the number of active staff members in the area subject to authorisation.

Category Number of active employees Basic levy
1 1-3 employees CHF 1’500.-
2 4-8 employees CHF 2’500.-
3 9-16 employees CHF 3’500.-
4 >17 employees CHF 4’500.- min.

The service levy is for its part comprised of all costs directly attributable to each operator subject to supervision, which are invoiced on the basis of the actual time worked at the following hourly rates:

• Director CHF 275.00 per hour
• Deputy Director CHF 250.00 per hour
• Specialist Official CHF 250.00 per hour
• Secretariat CHF 120.00 per hour

The FINMA levy is charged directly to the operator subject to supervision.

* fees are subject to VATA